Rackspace Hosted Exchange Environments Impacted By Security Issues

A report published by Bleeping Computers addresses that the USA Cloud Computing Company Rackspace Technology had been impacted by a security incident that incited an outage of its hosted Exchange environments, which might have affected a large number of clients.

Rackspace also reported that its Outlook Web Access Interface, ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, SMTP, and RPC/MAPI had been affected by the security incident impacting its Hosted Exchange Platform alone.

The firm “Rackspace Technology” also added that they have proactively shut down and separated the Hosted Exchange environment and are looking to figure out the extent and the severity of the impact.

Clients who have been affected by this issue have already get a Microsoft Exchange Plan 1 license, as well as instructions on email migration to Microsoft 365, reported by Rackspace Head of Global Public Relations Natalie Silva.

Rackspace Hosted Exchange server might have been developed utilizing the proxyNotShell vulnerability, which has fixed last month, as suggested by cybersecurity expert Kevin Beaumont, who noticed that one of the company servers was running on a build connection with the August patch level.

Amit Singh

Amit Singh

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