How to Override the 250 Search Limit in Exchange 2019

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the 250-item search limit in Exchange 2019, you’re not alone. Many users bump into this roadblock, especially when dealing with large mailboxes or extensive email histories. The good news? You can actually override this limit. Let’s walk through how to do it!

What’s the Deal with the 250 Search Limit?

Exchange 2019 sets a default search result limit of 250 items to keep things running smoothly. It helps ensure that searches are fast and don’t bog down your server. But sometimes, you need more than just 250 results, and that’s where tweaking the settings comes in handy.

How to Change the Search Limit

To get started, you’ll need to modify the `MaxResultsCount` parameter. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Here’s how you do it:

1. Fire Up the Exchange Management Shell (EMS):

  • First things first, you need the right permissions. Make sure you’re logged in as an admin.
  • Open the Exchange Management Shell on your Exchange 2019 server.

2. Check Current Settings:

  • Before making any changes, let’s see what the current settings are. Run this command:
     Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object DisplayName, MaxResultsCount

3. Tweak the MaxResultsCount Parameter:

  • Now, let’s bump up that limit. Run the following command:
     Set-Mailbox -Identity "YourMailboxIdentity" -MaxResultsCount 1000

Replace `“YourMailboxIdentity”` with the mailbox you’re updating and `1000` with your new limit. Adjust the number based on your needs.

4. Double-Check the Changes:

  • After updating, make sure the changes stuck. Use this command:
     Get-Mailbox -Identity "YourMailboxIdentity" | Select-Object DisplayName, MaxResultsCount

5. Test It Out:

  • Perform a search in the updated mailbox to ensure the new limit is working. You can do this through the Exchange Online client or any connected email client.

Things to Keep in Mind

Increasing the search limit is super handy, but it’s important to remember it might impact your server’s performance. Here are some tips to keep things balanced:

  • Go Slow: Increase the limit gradually and keep an eye on how it affects performance.
  • Monitor Metrics: Keep track of CPU usage, memory consumption, and response times after making changes.
  • Optimize Searches: Encourage users to use specific search criteria to lessen the load on the server.

Wrapping Up

By overriding the 250 search limit in Exchange 2019, you can make life a lot easier for users who need to dig through tons of emails. Just remember to keep an eye on your server’s performance and make adjustments as needed. Did you enjoy this article? You may also like New-MigrationBatch or New-MoveRequest in Exchange Server blog.

If you’ve got any questions or run into issues, feel free to drop a comment or check out more discussions on the Microsoft Exchange forum.

Amit Singh

Amit Singh

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