Troubleshooting SMTP 454 4.7.0 Google Error – Too many Login Attempts/ Cannot Authenticate

If you have encountered an SMTP 454 4.7.0 error while connecting your Google account to a platform, you’re not alone. This error message can be quite puzzling, but it usually points to a handful of reasons that affect your inbox. Here, we will explore the issues for this error and how to resolve it.

Common Causes of SMTP 454 4.7.0 Error

  1. Excessive Concurrent Connections: One of the primary reasons for this error is because of too many concurrent connections or services linked to your email address. Google imposes a limit of 10 concurrent connections and some services might even utilize multiple connections.
  1. Repeated Login Failures: If there have been too many unsuccessful login attempts within a short time frame, you may encounter this error.
  1. Email Sending Limits: Hitting the email sending limits of your inbox can result in a temporary lockout, preventing new connection attempts.
  1. Improper DKIM Setup: If your DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is not configured correctly, Google may struggle to authenticate your inbox.

How to Resolve these Issues?

For most users, having their inbox connected to multiple tools or email clients is the root cause of this error. To start troubleshooting, identify where your inbox is connected across the internet. Google Help Desk provides a useful guide for checking out third-party app connections. This resource reveals all applications linked to your inbox, helping you assess if you’re exceeding the connection threshold.

Keep in mind that not all connected services appear in Google’s third-party app management section. Even if you’re using SMTP and IMAP to connect your inbox to an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or a mobile inbox management app, these connections count toward your limit. Ensure your inbox isn’t linked to anything you’re no longer using.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Security Check: Look out that your account is secure and there haven’t been affected by any unauthorized login attempts. Go to the Security Section of your inbox account settings to review your login activity.
  1. Sending Limits: If you have reached the sending limits of your inbox (2000 sends in 24 hours), you’ll need to wait 24 hours for your sending limit to reset before attempting to connect again. Google may also impose further limitations if you’ve had issues with spam contacts.
  1. DKIM Setup: If all else fails, ensure that your DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is properly configured for your sender domain. This step may sometimes resolve the error.

While encountering an SMTP 454 4.7.0 error can be frustrating, it’s often caused by manageable issues related to your inbox connections and security. By following these troubleshooting steps and ensuring your email connections are in order, you can resolve this error and enjoy seamless email communications.

Amit Singh

Amit Singh

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