Which Windows Server 2022 Edition Is Right for You?

This article describes how you choose the correct Windows Server 2022 edition. Windows Server 2022 brings several innovations such as Azure hybrid integration, security, management, etc. Also, the Azure edition gives admins the advantage of the cloud to keep their VMs up to date while minimizing downtime. Essentials, Standard, and Datacenter these are three edition […]

How to Disable OWA for New Users?

Recently I with this scenario where I need to disable OWA for all the users. I can quickly solve this problem manually from ECP by doing MassEditing. Now Come to The Problem By default, you can see new users can easily access OWA. So can you solve this problem? I tried to find the solution […]

How To Monitor File Age Using PowerShell?

What is PowerShell Scripting used for? PowerShell is mostly used for automating the management of systems. Besides, automation management is used to build, test, and deploy solutions, usually in CI/CD environments. PowerShell is built on the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime). All inputs and outputs are .NET objects, and no need to parse text output […]