Which Windows Server 2022 Edition Is Right for You?

This article describes how you choose the correct Windows Server 2022 edition. Windows Server 2022 brings several innovations such as Azure hybrid integration, security, management, etc. Also, the Azure edition gives admins the advantage of the cloud to keep their VMs up to date while minimizing downtime. Essentials, Standard, and Datacenter these are three edition which is comes with Windows Server 2022. We will discuss each edition in this blog to decide which one suits your need.

Windows Server 2022 – Essentials

The Windows Server 2022 Essentials edition is perfect for small organizations, and a maximum of 50 users is the ideal condition for this edition. It delivers basic functionality with a cost-effective resolution for small organizations. 

Features of the Windows Server 2022 Essentials edition 

  • Up to two CPU cores are supported in this edition
  • Maximum of 64GB of RAM supported in this edition
  • Specialty servers (server licence)
  • No CAL required
  • Price – $501

Windows Server 2022 – Standard

The Windows Server 2022 Standard edition is perfect for situations with little to no virtualization or when operated as a guest operating system.

Features of the Windows Server 2022 Standard edition 

  • Up to two Hyper-V containers and unlimited Windows containers 
  • HGS and Nano Server support 
  • Support Windows Server CAL
  • Hybrid integration
  • Storage Replica (Limited) 
  • Price – $1,069

Windows Server 2022 – Datacenter

The Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition has the same features as the Windows Server 2022 Standard edition, with some additional features that make it the definitive edition for organizations with a lot of virtualization needs and the desire to do software-defined networking or needing advanced storage options.

Features of the Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition 

  • Unlimited Windows containers 
  • Endless Hyper-V virtual machines and shielded virtual machines support
  • Storage Replica (Unlimited) and Storage Spaces Direct 
  • Software-defined networking 
  • Software-defined storage
  • Network controller 
  • Host Guardian Hyper-V support 
  • Core-based licensing model
  • Price – $6,155

A technical version of the Windows Server Datacenter is the Azure Edition. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition delivers more significant integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud. You can only get this version through Microsoft Azure by installing it as a virtual machine in Azure. You can’t install it on your on-premises systems or run it on your hypervisors.

New Features

  • Azure Extended Network 
  • Hotpatching 
  • SMB over QUIC 
  • Shielded VM support 

I hope you can easily select the right Windows Server 2022 Edition according to your need. Did you enjoy this article? You may also like How to Disable OWA for New Users?. Don’t forget to share this article.

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